我們的家 Our Home

伯特利 - 我的教會歷史 Bethel - The History of My Church
September 9, 2012
A short animation for the church dedication.

第十一週 Week 11
May 26, 2012
So in Christ we who are many form only body, and each member belongs to all the others. ─ 羅Romans 12:5
Please click the following link for updated photos and continue to pray for the remodeling progress.

擋土牆工程 Building Retaining Wall
May 21, 2012
Retaining Wall at the Parking Lot

Our church has set up two Saturdays (May 12 & 19) as workday for brothers and sisters to work on the retaining wall. We joined efforts and built a retaining wall that is more than one hundred feet long. The purpose of this retaining wall is to prevent dirt and mud from flooding into the parking lot during heavy rain. In fact, not only we build the retaining wall together to prevent mud from flooding into the parking lot, but also we need to build a healthier and stronger church together to protect our church from any attack to the unity in God’s family.  

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第五週 Week 5
April 7, 2012 
「又將萬有服在他的腳下,使他為教會作萬有之首。教會是他的身體,是那充滿萬有者所充滿的。」 And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way. (弗Ephesians 1:22-23)
  1. 承包商繼續在修補屋頂漏水及地上的漏水問題,希望這次可以通過檢驗。
    The contractor continues to fix both of the roof leaks and ground leak of the building. Hopefully this time we will pass the test.
  2. 本週開始鋪建新的停車位,希望兩週內可以完成,並通過市政府的檢驗。
    The work on the new parking spaces has started this week. Hopefully we will get done in 2 weeks, depending on the city inspection.
  3. 本週也開始了所有的電工及空調工程,預計下週通過檢驗之後把所有的牆壁都覆蓋上。
    All of the electrical and AC works have started this week before the closing all of the walls next week after the framing inspection is passed.
  4. 外部的灰泥工程已動工,並開始打通新的窗口及補平所有的坑洞,以備下一步上油漆。
    The exterior stuccowork has started as well to open all of the new windows and patch up all of the holes before painting.
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第四週 Week 4
March 31, 2012
「有人靠車,有人靠馬,但我們要提到耶和華─我們 神的名。」
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. (詩篇Psalm 20:7)
大多數漏水的地方都已修好,等再下雨的時候,就能測試修補的地方,希望所有的漏水問題都已解決。 水管工程也已通過檢驗,之後就可以在新蓋好的洗手間灌水泥,完成框架工程,並預計在下週進行檢驗。等框架工程通過檢驗之後,就可以完成所有電工,覆蓋所有的牆壁,並準備進行油漆工程。也預計在框架工程通過檢驗之後,開始吊掛天花板。新停車位的工程預計下週開始。
We finally fixed majority of the building leaks and will wait for another rain to test the fix. Hopefully, most of the leaks have been fixed, if not all. The plumbing inspection has been approved. Now we are allowed to pour concrete in the new bathrooms and finishing up the framing. We are planning to have the framing inspection next week. After that, we can finish up all the electrical works, cover up all of the walls, and get ready for tape, sand and texture of the new walls and ready for painting. We also hope to start hanging the ceiling tile after the framing inspection. The construction of the new parking lot should start next week.

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第三週 Week 3
March 24, 2012 
Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. (詩篇Psalm 127:1)
  1. 週二下了一場傾盆大雨之後,我們發現屋頂和牆壁有好幾處漏水。在諮詢過三位不同工程師的意見之後,就決定暫停這週的工作進度,先專心修好漏水的問題。
  2. 根據原來的藍圖,這個建築物的地基是以金屬棒為骨架,但是當我們要開始建新的廁所時,發現實際上是以鋼索為骨架。 

We are facing 2 major challenges this week.

  1. After the heavy rain on Tuesday, we discovered that the building has several leaks everywhere, both the roof and walls. After consulting with 3 different engineers, we have decided to stop all the scheduled works for the week and focus on fixing the leak first.
  2. According to the original plan, the foundation is build with bar wire. But when the plumber started to build new toilets, we discovered that the foundation is actually built with cable wire. 

The above two issues and fix were unexpected and not on our original budget, more funding is needed. However, we really want to thank God for the heavy rain at this prefect timing, otherwise we will not be aware of the leaking problem and will not address it. Following Sunday in the business meeting, the church members also have approved a 10% change order and project over run cost, so that the renovation will not be delayed.

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第二週 Week Two
March 19, 2012
 ▪ 已完成水管工程,等著通過市政府檢驗。
 ▪ 已完成框架部份,下一步驟是上石膏夾板。
 ▪ 閣樓已清潔完畢。
 ▪ 已完成無障礙坡道。
 ▪ 已完成通往講臺的階梯。

A lot of progress has been completed in week 2:
 ▪ The plumbing has been completed and ready for the city inspection.
 ▪ The framing has been completed and ready for sheet rock.
 ▪ The attic area has been cleaned.
 ▪ The handicap ramp has been completed.
 ▪ The stairs to the stage have been completed.

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開工 Remodeling begins!
March 6, 2012
After about two months in preparation, including architecture drawing and project bidding, church members have voted to proceed with the remodeling and this project finally began on March 6th. The estimated completion date is around mid-June. Please visit our blog regularly for remodeling updates and join us in praying for the entire progress. We are not far from the moving date!

工程進度表 Scope of Work to be completed:
Division #1 – General Conditions
Division #2 – Site Work
Division #3 – Building Concrete
Division #4 – Masonry
Division #6 – Wood & Plastics
Division #7 – Thermal & Moisture Protection
Division #8 – Doors, Windows & Mirrors
Division #9 – Finishes
Division #10 –Specialties
Division #15 – Mechanical & Plumbing
Division #16 – Electrical
請點閱更多有關裝修進度的照片 Click here for more pictures about renovation updates:

我們將叫做「伯特利華人浸信會」We will be called “Bethel CBC”
Feb 5, 2012
In February’s special business meeting, we have voted that “Bethel Chinese Baptist Church” to be our new name when we move to the new location. "Bethel" means "house of God." It was a name that Jacob gave to the place where he met God and said, "God is here and I didn't know it." (See Genesis 28.) It also refers to the "gate of heaven" and it is our desire that God use our church to be a pathway to heaven for many.

特別使用許可與過戶完成 Special Use Permit and Closing 
January 4, 2012
2011年12月13日,我們正式在Bedford 的市議會中取得了新堂的特別使用許可證,並於2011年12月20日與賣主完成了過戶手續。
On December 13, 2011, the City of Bedford has approved the Special Use Permit of our new building. We have also completed the closing of the new building on December 20, 2011.
Currently we are preparing the architecture drawings for interior design and construction. Within the following two weeks, a cleanup day will be arranged to prepare the building for construction. Please keep the progress in your prayers.

購堂配對籌款報告 Building Fundraising Update

But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this?Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.
(歷代志上 I Chronicles 29:14)
神的恩典真是超乎我們所想所求,在配對籌款的最後一週,我們所收到的購堂奉獻竟超過了十二萬美元!因此截至十月底,我們所收到的配對奉獻總數已達 $218,073.27,還有一些奉獻在寄送途中!
謝謝弟兄姐妹的大力支持與代禱,這實在是神奇妙的恩典。我們就如保羅對腓立比教會所說的,「我每逢想念你們,就感謝我的神。」(腓 1:3)
God’s grace is more than enough. During the final week of our fundraising campaign, we have received more than $120,000 giving toward the matching program. Therefore by the end of October, the total matching fund we have received has reached $218,073.27 and there are more on the way!
We are very thankful for the love and prayer support from brothers and sisters around the world. Like what Paul said to the church in Philippi, “I thank my God every time I remember you.” (Philippians 1:3)
May God keep leading us to reach out to the new community where we are moving to in several months. To God our heavenly Father be the glory for ever and ever.

Please mail your building fund offering check to the following address:
Arlington Chinese Baptist Church
2001 Brown Blvd., Arlington, TX 76006
Memo: Building Fund

籌款信範本 Sample Fundraising Letter
The building fundraising committee has prepared a sample fundraising letter for you. You can add your personal touch and use this letter to share with your other Christian friends about the need of our building project. Please click here to download sample fundraising letter. May the Lord's name be glorified!

我們未來的教堂建築物 Our Future Church Building
Please click the link below to view the photos of our new church building:

新地點 New Location:

3512 Hwy 121, Bedford, Texas 76021

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主日崇拜 Sunday Worship 週日 Sunday, 11:00am
成人主日學 Adult Sunday School 週日 Sunday, 9:30am
兒童主日學 Children Sunday School 週日 Sunday, 9:30am
嬰兒及幼兒班 Nursery / Toddler’s Class 週日 Sunday, 11:00am
Bible-in-Life 少青班 Youth Class 週日 Sunday, 11:00am
愛筵 Lunch Fellowship 週日 Sunday, 12:30pm
禱告會 Prayer Meeting 每月第二及第四個週三
2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7:30pm
團契組 Fellowship Groups
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